Company Outline

Company Outline
Established: 1981
Capital: $100,000 (USD) Approx.
Main Products: Revived wheels, exterior parts for past car models, LED custom lamps, seat cover
Business Details: Auto parts (OEM) Manufacturer & Distributer
Address: 1245-1 Suemachi Saya, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka prefecture
TEL: +81-92-957-0811 FAX: +81-92-957-0815
CEO & President: Akira Takaki

Presidentʼs Message
My mission is to revive Japanese car scene and reissue Fukuoka Spec lowriders while enjoying it together with the fans and further promote it.
Most importantly, I want people across the globe to have fun with it and I want to bring and see their smiles.

Message to U.S. Customers
Letʼs explore and have fun with the most fascinating Fukuoka Spec Rims for your custom rides.
Vision: To become the world leader in rims for custom rides.
Mission: To share information about the hottest Fukuoka Spec rims with all of you in the US because we have been intrigued ever since the
beginning and we know it best.
Core Value: To revive and reissue blockbuster brands from the past with remodeled golden sizes (1480, 1490, 14109)

Products for Initial Launch:
1) Star Shark 2) TOSCO 3)Focus Racing 4)LONGCHAMP XR4

Main Clients and Business History in Japan:
Kameari Engine Works, Rocky Auto, RS Start, Star Road, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Autobacks, Yellow Hat, Weds, Hot Stuffff and Kyoho Corp, among

Main Suppliers in Japan:
Crimson, MLJ, Weds, KYO-EI Industrial, Cosmic, Kameari Engine Works

The Beginning, Competition, Determination and Never Compromising


How it began:
I was born during the heydays of Japan in 1960, when Japan was full of aspirations and joy while cars and motorcycles surrounded us as far as I can remember. Back when I wasnʼt yet obsessed with cars at age 10, a photo studio was in business next to my house. Throughout the day many delivery guys came in and out of the photo studio on their Honda SUPER CUB bikes, and then it happened. One day a man I had become familiar with came to the store on his CB750Four and I was struck with an impact that changed everything and sent reverberation to my imagination, captured by the roaring sound and the distinctive smell of the motorcycle.
Needless to say that ever since this encounter, I became hooked on cars and motorcycles and I used to read trhough the catalogues from the dealerships whenever I had the time and I memorized ALL the names of cars and motorcycles. During high school, my parents bought me the Honda CB400Four that I really wanted, and in my third year in high school I switched to a larger Kawasaki 750RS(Z2), and after graduating, I worked at a car dealership and bought myself a Carolla Levin which was new at the time. I used to lower the body and installed RS Watanabe, and attacked the streets of Minamihata Dam every night. When I was 20 years old, I won a race that took place in what was then called a West Japan Circuit.
In 1981, I joined Collin Project Co. Ltd. as an employee and ever since then I have been working in this industry for 35 years. So I consider myself as a living dictionary of an era when Japanʼs automobile scene was most robust and I would go as far as to say I do know pretty much everything about it.
Since 2001, Collin Project Co. Ltd. built a business model on importing custom tail lights from Taiwan for distribution elsewhere. By chance encounters in Taiwan, we began carrying bumpers, fenders and tail lights from Hakosuka and Kenmeri for distribution sine 2010. Looking at a happy face of an old man who was at a past-car show, I felt a strong sense of mission to “vitalize and energize this scene” and reconfirmed the idea
that we had to introduce reissued versions to the market. So, I made the decision in 2015 to launch Reissue Edition of our original Star Sharks targeting the past-car market and launched it in February 2016.
Then, we launched TOSCO in June and Focus Racing in December of the same year.
In January 2017, we will introduce Longchamp XR4 to the market. All reissued wheels have acquired trademarks and we are applying for international patents.
Do you know about Fukuoka?
It is a holy ground of “Fukuoka Spec” in stretch tire culture. We will begin transmitting “Fukuoka Spec” information from this region to the world’s most advanced automobile culture of yours.
In the future, we will create the world’s most exciting automobile scene together with American enthusiasts, fueling it by ideas of JDM custom parts and cars, from the most embraced and still cherished period of Japanʼs automobile history.


Size spec

STAR SHARK Size spec

1480 114.3-4H-13-13-13
1490 114.3-4H-26-26-26
1410 114.3-4H-39-39 

TOSCO Size spec

1480 100-4H±0
1480 114.3-4H±0
1480 114.3-4H-18
1490 114.3-4H-28

Focus Racing Size spec

1480 114.3-4H-13-13
1480 114.3-5H-13-13
1490 114.3-4H-25-25
1490 114.3-5H-25-25
1410 114.3-4H-38-38

Focus Racing FIVE Size spec

1480 114.3-4H-13-13
1480 114.3-5H-13-13
1490 114.3-4H-25-25
1490 114.3-5H-25-25


 Black polishBlack rim all mud
1480 100-4H±0 
1480 114.3-4H±0 
1480 114.3-4H-13-13
1490 114.3-4H-25-25
1410 114.3-4H-37 
1580 114.3-4H-14 
1590 114.3-4H-27 
1510 114.3-4H-40 

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